Japan’s Artificial Person

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It really amazes what can be done with technology today; its one of my favorite things. Though most of is designed to make things easier that was harder to do than before , I feel like some technology is truly harmful to those within its grasp. How are kids supposed to feel beautiful in an age of Photoshop? When nothing you see is real and those considered beautiful have all the body modifications that plastic surgery can offer? As usual though, no one wants to stop the juxtaposition of society’s view of beauty. Why? Because beauty costs money, creates jobs, spurs economic revival, and last but no least it just makes people feel good. I was reading an article called “Get Rich Now” by Amitai Etzioni ( I would suggest you read it but you probably won’t, you know with the priority of most Americans not being on self education.)  He suggest that the obsession with the acquisition of goods has become the organizing principle for American life. I can not say I disagree but what I want to know is at which point does it go to far? When will it end? Most likely never consumerism will not just dissappear from its central place in our culture. It needs to be supplanted by something. That something is self worth but in my opinion self worth is not something that is taught; it is something you are born with and often lost while absorbing the media around you. It is common that as a child you learn to “love your neighbor as yourself” however is that possible if you do not love yourself first.

Soooo Im looking online and I see this video that says find out more about the new japanese pop sensation that has been sold out for weeks. The newest member of AKB48 pop group.  The girl is singing, dancing, this girl is doing ALL the things but i dont care i dont listen to them like that. A few days later I see them again and it says learn the secret of the new member of  AKB48 and this trick isnt even real. She is a compilation of all things beautiful in  61 girls in the group and she has been dubbed the prettiest girl in the group. If I was a kid how could I ever think that i was pretty when the prettiest girl is a combination of 60 girls. How can someone really learn self worth when they look in the mirror and they do not look like the prettiest girl and the prettiest girl is not even real.


Read more about the fake Asian HERE


Author: The Road to Vogue

This blog is meant to follow the road of a non-writer into a writer, a fashion forward individual into a fashion icon, and a Christian student from Georgia State University into an editor and doctor in New York City. You will soon see the life of those around me and my thoughts about what goes on. Do you want to see what I think? You are on my blog so I'll assume you want to know what I think. I only have one rule if you do not like it i didn't ask nor do I care for your opinion.

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