Do not crucify me! I know I just posted that people should not be influenced by society. Well technically it is not society that is influencing me but that is what all guilty people say, Right? As we all know people in fashion are usually a size 00 and believe me I do not agree with it but (and I know that “but” negates everything that was said before it, however I am serious.) I do need to loose weight but its a healthy goal not anything like I want to be a size two or anything but something reasonable. Yes, in the picture it says, “Fashion is the healthiest motivation for loosing weight.” LIES! Truly though thats why I want to loose weight because I love clothes and I want to be a size that no matter where it is that I go the store will always have it.


Author: The Road to Vogue

This blog is meant to follow the road of a non-writer into a writer, a fashion forward individual into a fashion icon, and a Christian student from Georgia State University into an editor and doctor in New York City. You will soon see the life of those around me and my thoughts about what goes on. Do you want to see what I think? You are on my blog so I'll assume you want to know what I think. I only have one rule if you do not like it i didn't ask nor do I care for your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. id soooooooooooooo eat ice cream everyday if it came in a chanel cone !! xxx

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