Are you sure that’s not my child?

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My kids need to have impeccable fashion sense if it does not pass through genes although I think it does. I remember hearing  my genetics teacher say it in class. 🙂

Girl you know your mom will beat you put the unidentified flower down

I loved Angelica!

They said, “We are going to dress this boy like a hoodlum lol.”

Interesting Fact: I want to adopt an asian baby as my first child ! I hope she wont have an identity crisis though.

Actually, are we sure this is not my child? (Sex in the City)

She is going to be famous or become a part of a monarchy because she is “About that Life.”

Step 1 to joining a monarchy get the wave down pat.

YAY for Asian Babies lol


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This blog is meant to follow the road of a non-writer into a writer, a fashion forward individual into a fashion icon, and a Christian student from Georgia State University into an editor and doctor in New York City. You will soon see the life of those around me and my thoughts about what goes on. Do you want to see what I think? You are on my blog so I'll assume you want to know what I think. I only have one rule if you do not like it i didn't ask nor do I care for your opinion.

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