Au Natural!!!!!!!!!

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I have been natural since January 5 of this year and I have not done the chop yet but for those whose natural hair is long enough I think this Bantu knot looks really cool. I cant wait till all my hair is all natural. Yesterday I had to get most of my hair chopped off because I forgot to detangle my hair after I took out my braids and so my hair matted. I quickly went to Derek J’s hair salon (Willi does my hair! and He’s worth ever dime)  to fix the problem and Fatu wash and got as many knots out as she could and Willi chopped and straightened it. Since i was looking to get my big chop soon I really didnt care for all the hair i lost. I think I only have an inch of  permed hair in front and 2 inches of permed hair left in back.

IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR TRANSITIONERS LET ME KNOW! OR ANY HAIR PRODUCTS THAT YOU USE AND WORKS FOR YOU CUZ I NEED TO GO AND GET SOME moisturizers conditioner all that jazz and I dont know where to start but shea butter lol

This her method of twisting for your convenience so you do not have to go find it!

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