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Style SpotLight: Julia Sarr-Jamois

I was creating an inspiration board for a friends line, Ja Lynette. Watch out for it! So I bought lots of magazines including the one Vogues Special Fashion Issue and I saw her. I don’t know how I never came across her before but secretly I am having a girl crush lol. Her name is Julia Sarr-Jamois which you already know because of the title.

Neon love

Random info: Prada, I watched from Prada to Nada today. I can not wait till I am fashion editor at someones magazine, she looks so important here.

I do not like these shoes. Thats all

I love this hair, it is so epic.

The shoes, well i am not a fan of metallic under any circumstance except being an alien, a magnet, or some form of currency.

Yes, This is Julia I love her (except her shoe game) and her hair (its big enough to be its own entity. ALthough when my hair is that big I will definitely straighten it.






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ONE YEAR NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings!!!!!! It is I! Olu. This is the first picture I have placed on the website of myself mostly because I am tracking my one year of naturality. I AM SO EXCITED!

From the side……..

From the front…………………

From the back……………………

I have a little damage in the front from not using a heat protectant when I flat ironed. I am getting it trimmed and straightened again tomorrow so I will post pictures of that too. Feel free too ask any questions!!!!!

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Dictator of Taste

So I apologize to everyone than I have not been updating my website as well as many other things. My excuses are:

I moved.

I went to convention with Alpha Kappa Psi.

I have not had time because,

I am starting a magazine.

I am trying to unpack.

I am renovating my friends closet.

Most likely you will see pictures from all these events in the coming days/weeks. So, what spurred me to start writing today? I was on my tumblr blog http://www.theroadtovogue.tumblr.com and I saw one of the people in my impending future magazine posted about the meeting we had on thursday and I am doing something like reposting. 🙂

“Thursday, i had a meeting with a couple of people from school at a vintage boutique. basically, we’re starting a magazine on GSU campus, mainly about fashion, and it’s gonna target all audiences. We had this meeting with the boutique owner (who by the way has great vintage clothes for 10-20 dollars!!) about a photoshoot we want to have for the first issue of the magazine. She agreed to us using her clothes for our magazine and we’re shooting it the 23rd of this month. I am the main photographer for this magazine and with the people on our team, i feel it’s going to go great. A lot of the editors and people apart of the magazine are in the model clubs of GSU and also design their own clothing and have hosted their own fashions shows (some that i have shot myself) and theyre great. Im happy to be working with them. Thursday was my first time talking with them and we all had a great time and meshed really well, which i was nervous about because im not the most high fashion person and thought they would have this feeling that i was inferior to them but it was really great. networked well and everything.


The style of the shoot is going to be vintage and is going to be located at the boutique which is pictured above. great environment for the vision i have for this shoot with the style of clothing and whatnot. The owner of the boutique is beautiful and is pretty much set in her career with this boutique. it was inspiring to see a beautiful young black women being successful in the creative field with her own shop. doing things on her own. and happy with where she’s at. she has reached her goal and money is well for her. def gave me inspiration and encouragement.


the environment of her boutique reminds me of Val from Single Ladies. it’s intimate and she gave us all a glass of wine lol


Overall it was a great meeting and I’m very excited for the shoot and the magazine. We want our first issue to come out around the first week of September and so far it’s looking really well. I got a glimpse of what i want my career to be like as far as being in a room with creative people and brainstorming ideas and creating visuals to come to life. Great stepping stone to my career

I LOVED HER POST! it made me feel just a little Wonderful that I kept on with the magazine. Also this post was by Shakya Cheeks you can find her at http://www.realityiswrong.tumblr.com. Shakya is literally one of the best photographers I know and I am excited that she is part of D.O.T. D.O.T. stands for Dictators of Taste and if you attend GSU you should see it at a stand near you in september. I AM SO EXCITED and I am leaning towards promising that I am back!

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Au Natural!!!!!!!!!

I have been natural since January 5 of this year and I have not done the chop yet but for those whose natural hair is long enough I think this Bantu knot looks really cool. I cant wait till all my hair is all natural. Yesterday I had to get most of my hair chopped off because I forgot to detangle my hair after I took out my braids and so my hair matted. I quickly went to Derek J’s hair salon (Willi does my hair! and He’s worth ever dime)  to fix the problem and Fatu wash and got as many knots out as she could and Willi chopped and straightened it. Since i was looking to get my big chop soon I really didnt care for all the hair i lost. I think I only have an inch of  permed hair in front and 2 inches of permed hair left in back.

IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR TRANSITIONERS LET ME KNOW! OR ANY HAIR PRODUCTS THAT YOU USE AND WORKS FOR YOU CUZ I NEED TO GO AND GET SOME moisturizers conditioner all that jazz and I dont know where to start but shea butter lol

This her method of twisting for your convenience so you do not have to go find it!

– Making the world more beautiful one post at a time!

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Are you sure that’s not my child?


My kids need to have impeccable fashion sense if it does not pass through genes although I think it does. I remember hearing  my genetics teacher say it in class. 🙂

Girl you know your mom will beat you put the unidentified flower down

I loved Angelica!

They said, “We are going to dress this boy like a hoodlum lol.”

Interesting Fact: I want to adopt an asian baby as my first child ! I hope she wont have an identity crisis though.

Actually, are we sure this is not my child? (Sex in the City)

She is going to be famous or become a part of a monarchy because she is “About that Life.”

Step 1 to joining a monarchy get the wave down pat.

YAY for Asian Babies lol

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Reflet de Lumiere August 2010

More from Vlisco……………………………………………………………


This collection from Vlisco came out in August of last year but everyone that I know must see all they have to offer one collection at a time. This photography of this collection elucidates the silhouettes and movement with a colourful blurring effect. The designs create a surreal sense of structural forms, an illusion of architectural dimensions. This sensation is enhanced by the visual effect of morphing created by the interaction between shadows and the aura of coloured lights, merging to produce a graphical collection of unique fabrics.