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Style SpotLight: Julia Sarr-Jamois

I was creating an inspiration board for a friends line, Ja Lynette. Watch out for it! So I bought lots of magazines including the one Vogues Special Fashion Issue and I saw her. I don’t know how I never came across her before but secretly I am having a girl crush lol. Her name is Julia Sarr-Jamois which you already know because of the title.

Neon love

Random info: Prada, I watched from Prada to Nada today. I can not wait till I am fashion editor at someones magazine, she looks so important here.

I do not like these shoes. Thats all

I love this hair, it is so epic.

The shoes, well i am not a fan of metallic under any circumstance except being an alien, a magnet, or some form of currency.

Yes, This is Julia I love her (except her shoe game) and her hair (its big enough to be its own entity. ALthough when my hair is that big I will definitely straighten it.






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One Year Natural part 2

So as a treat to myself as well as to see how far my hair grew, I straightened my hair. Here are the pictures….

The tips are blown out.

Blown out fully

I was too excited!!!


Almost there! I also got a trim.

There all done yay me!!!!!!

From the side.


This was the growth from January 3, 2011 to January 3, 2012. I got my BC done in August of 2011. I also got a trim when i straightened it so it was slightly longer but not by much. Also, when I straightened my hair it reverted the next day so i guess my hair didn’t want to be straight at all.

While I was at church some old white lady who doesn’t get it was telling someone else that I should just use a relaxer because it works. She should try a relaxer herself and see how much she likes it. Offbrands!


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ONE YEAR NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings!!!!!! It is I! Olu. This is the first picture I have placed on the website of myself mostly because I am tracking my one year of naturality. I AM SO EXCITED!

From the side……..

From the front…………………

From the back……………………

I have a little damage in the front from not using a heat protectant when I flat ironed. I am getting it trimmed and straightened again tomorrow so I will post pictures of that too. Feel free too ask any questions!!!!!

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Au Natural!!!!!!!!!

I have been natural since January 5 of this year and I have not done the chop yet but for those whose natural hair is long enough I think this Bantu knot looks really cool. I cant wait till all my hair is all natural. Yesterday I had to get most of my hair chopped off because I forgot to detangle my hair after I took out my braids and so my hair matted. I quickly went to Derek J’s hair salon (Willi does my hair! and He’s worth ever dime) ┬áto fix the problem and Fatu wash and got as many knots out as she could and Willi chopped and straightened it. Since i was looking to get my big chop soon I really didnt care for all the hair i lost. I think I only have an inch of ┬ápermed hair in front and 2 inches of permed hair left in back.

IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR TRANSITIONERS LET ME KNOW! OR ANY HAIR PRODUCTS THAT YOU USE AND WORKS FOR YOU CUZ I NEED TO GO AND GET SOME moisturizers conditioner all that jazz and I dont know where to start but shea butter lol

This her method of twisting for your convenience so you do not have to go find it!

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