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Let’s Start School with Chanel


The time has come for us to back in school with tests around the corner. Relax your mind while checking out what some of us were able to see this summer. The CHANEL Jacket Exhibit. Just for those who were not able to make it we decided that we would capture and share with all of you. Enjoy.



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Style SpotLight: Julia Sarr-Jamois

I was creating an inspiration board for a friends line, Ja Lynette. Watch out for it! So I bought lots of magazines including the one Vogues Special Fashion Issue and I saw her. I don’t know how I never came across her before but secretly I am having a girl crush lol. Her name is Julia Sarr-Jamois which you already know because of the title.

Neon love

Random info: Prada, I watched from Prada to Nada today. I can not wait till I am fashion editor at someones magazine, she looks so important here.

I do not like these shoes. Thats all

I love this hair, it is so epic.

The shoes, well i am not a fan of metallic under any circumstance except being an alien, a magnet, or some form of currency.

Yes, This is Julia I love her (except her shoe game) and her hair (its big enough to be its own entity. ALthough when my hair is that big I will definitely straighten it.





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One Year Natural part 2

So as a treat to myself as well as to see how far my hair grew, I straightened my hair. Here are the pictures….

The tips are blown out.

Blown out fully

I was too excited!!!


Almost there! I also got a trim.

There all done yay me!!!!!!

From the side.


This was the growth from January 3, 2011 to January 3, 2012. I got my BC done in August of 2011. I also got a trim when i straightened it so it was slightly longer but not by much. Also, when I straightened my hair it reverted the next day so i guess my hair didn’t want to be straight at all.

While I was at church some old white lady who doesn’t get it was telling someone else that I should just use a relaxer because it works. She should try a relaxer herself and see how much she likes it. Offbrands!


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Started watching The City

I know I am late but I did not like the hills or Laguna Beach so i assumed I would not like this either. Turns out that I do.

This girl “Olivia Palermo” is evil but who does not like her style. Granted we probably could not be friends because she needs a good b**** slap but she can dress her non existent but off.

this was my first try at photoshopping pictures together. I succeeded although I could have picked pictures that went better together. Did I mention that my Photoshop is in french so I cannot readily tell what utensils I am choosing.

Does she really ride a bike around New York?

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The Year of 4.

At some point Beyonce got overated for me. I grew up with her and loved her music all day long but just as an overplayed song gets old no matter how good it is that is what happened to her music with me. I though it was salt but I don’t really get salty about someone elses life. Anyway, when I saw this my love for her came back. In retrospect I think I just had learned everything I could about her and got bored but this brought a new perspective of her that was certainly refreshing.  Hopefully you have seen this before if not I am glad I could be the one to show it to you.

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This video is beautiful; it describes so many things. The first of which is brotherhood if not family in general. Just knowing that the people there are trying to help you get through and that when you finally do get to the end even more people will be there to cheer you on, or hate on you but as long as they are their that is a Non- motherfucking Factor. lol

Joy of a journey accomplished was also shown in this video. I am sure that these men had to work hard to get where they are in this video and whoever pieced this video together CONGRATULATIONS on being a great videographer. YOU BETTER CAPTURE THESE MOMENTS.

Created by John Ledbetter – I hope he follows this career choice.