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Royal Tailor Gang


Well, I love music. I complain all the time that Christian music should be better. Better beat, better music, more creativity, all that. I think I found it and hopefully things in Christian music will get better from here. Shout out to IYANU “IHATEYOUTOO” ADELEKE for exposing me to this. lol she has no idea

Anyway ENJOY!

Thats All



The African Diaspora…………………………………. (snore)

I love her dress! I had to be a mastermind to get htis picure though because she was with friends and I could not just say, “ummm I just want a picture of her outfit not the rest of you.” Well, I could have but i got it anyway! Interesting Fact: She is Nigerian and Italian! I have never seen such a mixture before hmph but she is really pretty!

Oldies lol I love when their outfits compliment each other more than when they are exactly the same patterns. Unless the outfits are white then its alright because they just look so clean. Stamp of Approval!

When I tell you this girl had an attitude! Understatement but I do like her dress…………………………….. next

This girl and the last girl were joined at the hip throughout the trip but she was nice and friendly and hilarious!

I just like it, I should probably know why I like things but I dont at the moment. I will work on that.

AWWWWW! lol I hope your happy Sam! and for the thousand time she does not look like kristen.

And then their is this wonderful old woman (well idont know her) but evidently she can dress. I had to sneak a picture of the back so she would not call me a pervert or something .

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Some of the consequences of putting on Christ!

  1. You will have opposition.
  2. You will have great trials.
  3. You will be accused of having a bad spirit.
  4. You will need great meekness and great decision of character to endure the shock of a world arrayed against you.
  5. You will be misunderstood.
  6. You will be misrepresented.
  7. You will be subject to the loss of many friends.
  8. You will inherit peace of mind.
  9. You will be full of joy.
  10. You will share in the glory of being the representative of the true God.
  11. You will be able to say with Paul, “For me to live is Christ”.
  12. You will be able to say from your own consciousness, as John says,“Truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ”.
  13. You will be happy in the highest degree of which you are capable in this life