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Pass me my diss ting! ACF: Men

African Christian Fellowship Conference has rolled around and passed again, this time it just for the Young Adults. So, we had a great time. ­čÖé Without the parents singing off key we lots of wonderful and spontaneous praise and worship session and I loved it! Made some great friends along the way too. Lastly, because the ACF conference was just for us we did not really wear african attire and gele.

There was a couple of guys that were really well dressed and it turns out they are brothers! (This one would avoid my camera)

Yeeeeesss for the Naija attire! Looks like he’s going to wedding.

The Brother

Sam!!! So you mad? Do you want to dance?


Why so serious? Cat got your tongue or someone else ­čÖé

He looks really mean but clean nevertheless.

If you do not see your picture on here and you know I took it then one of 3 things happened:

1- your picture was taking to long to load and its not that serious so i skipped it

2- you asked me to take your picture <———- I am not a fan of

3- i did not like your outfit which is probably why you had to do number 2

That is all.



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Canali Spring 2012

MEN it is high time that you pull your pants up from beneath your bottoms to resurrect the idea of a real man. One with style and dignity and hopefully one who speaks real English lol. ┬áThese last few post have been nothing about fashion at all so I am double posting today. ┬áSo while doing my random fashion research I find a Canali a new addition to the Milan Fashion Week. Founded in 1934 by Giovanni and Giacomo Canali the second generation of Canali’s now run the show and pride themselves on producing quality clothing.

I love this line and I think I have been neglecting mens fashion all my life. These suits has the expected european cut but what stands out is not the cut but the patterns and the color mixture.  This collection was inspired by all things india including the shoes that I find interesting. Mens feet are usually look like they have been attacked by giant sea turtles so i dont know that i would want them to wear sandles often or at all. TTYL